Thoughts about Thinking

  1. I'd like to have an argument please

    People believe a lot of odd things. Donald Trump is the greatest President of all time; coal is good for humanity; I can loose weight with just 6 minutes excerise per day; the Queensland Reds will win the Super Rugby grand final.

  2. Most of what you know is wrong

    I'm sure you've heard of radiation before - the emission of energy and its transmission through space or matter. When radiation has enough energy, it can break the chemical bonds within molecules and atoms and release particles at very high speed. This is known as ionising radiation and it can be quite nasty to organic life like plants and animals including we humans.

  3. You don't think like you think you think

    Humans are amazing creatures. We can paint murals, write concertos, and identify subtle changes in complex environments. As children, we can accurately infer someone's emotional state from facial micro-expressions, and even at just 12 months old, we can pick out faces of unfamiliar animals.

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