Want to Think Better?

Bad thinking is everywhere.

Look out your window, browse your Twitter feed, or turn on the evening news - you'll quickly see that thinking well is a rare commodity.

But why? Why do so many people think so poorly so often?

It's not a question of intelligence. The world is full of very smart people who've made very bad decisions. It turns out that intelligence is no obstacle to stupidity!

So why then?

One reason is that we just don't think like we think we think. We think we are rational beings but science shows us that we are not.

We engage in motivated reasoning, suffer from confirmation bias, and struggle with conditional inferences. We jump to conclusions, make hasty generalisations, and are just really, really bad when dealing with statistics.

But another reason is that most schools never teach us how to think.

Unless you were lucky enough to take logic or philosophy at school, then it's highly unlikely that anyone has ever shown you what exactly makes good thinking ... good.

Over the last few years of teaching critical thinking at university, it's become clear to me that many people want to improve their thinking skills but lack the opportunities to do so - short of going back to university and getting a PhD in logic.

I want to do something about that. I want to teach 1 million people to think better because, god knows, our crazy world could do with just a little less stupid!

Which brings us here to my free introductory course in critical thinking.

Sign up below and every day I'll send you a bite-sized lesson in critical thinking based on the latest academic research and show you how to convert that into everyday practice.

You don't need any prior academic experience - just a desire to improve your decision making, gain confidence in your thought processes, and to learn to think better.

Let's get started!

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Dave Kinkead

G'day, I'm Dave!

I work at the intersection of philosophy and technology. I'm a computational philosopher at the University of Queensland where I teach critical thinking, research digital pedagogies, and manage the UQ Critical Thinking Project. When I'm not thinking about thinking, I'm working on becoming a millionaire ski bum.

So far I've nailed the ski bumming bit.